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Music gives soul to the universe,

wings to the mind,

flight to the imagination…

– Plato

Curriculum Overview

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Ammon Perry student

Ammon works to engage and excite students in every lesson and gives his all to help them succeed.  He was awarded the designation of Nationally Certified Teacher of Music by the Music Teachers National Association, an honor given to only the best professional music teachers.  His curriculum emphasizes the following:

  • Learning pieces! Repertoire includes choices made by the student and teacher that will help the student best improve and be enjoyable to perform.  Students are coached on how to perform with musicality and style and encouraged in developing their own unique musical "voice".

  • Gaining a strong technique. Students learn how to use proper fingering and physical motion to play with a colorful sound and easy finger execution.

  • Understanding music theory.  Knowing how music is put together enables students to learn more quickly and develop the tools to create music on their own.  This includes developing a strong "ear."

  • Developing sight-reading proficiency.  Being able to successfully read a piece of music on first encounter is not only fun, it is also one of the most practical reasons to study piano as it enables quick learning of new music and more performance and accompanying opportunities.

  • Achieving performance confidence.  Students are carefully coached in how to approach performances and are given numerous opportunities each year to perform for gracious audiences and to receive feedback from other teachers and musicians in festivals.   

  • Additionally, students are introduced to composing, arranging, improvising, accompanying, and ensemble work, with further in-depth training made available to those interested in developing these skills.​

Teaching Tributes

"Ammon is the best piano teacher a parent and student could ask for. He is a talented musician with a love of music that pours out to his students. He has a great interest in his students and is an amazing mentor to them. He teaches his students how to feel the music rather than to just play the notes. Our girls loved Ammon and were happy to see their musical talent develop each week. He poured out positive remarks to them and they loved his enthusiasm. He successfully helped them love piano when several other teachers couldn't!" 

– Tonya and Rob S.

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"As a lifelong student of music and piano, I have experienced the influence of many fellow teachers and instructors. From this perspective I can say that although he is a master pianist, Ammon is also a master teacher.  He is very effective at helping others excel.  Ammon is endlessly patient, kind, and positive with his students.  He has a way of making each one feel capable and valuable. Ammon is a person of integrity and dependability as well as being musically gifted and accomplished.  I recommend him with full confidence!"

– Judy G. 

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"Ammon has been a great teacher for our son. He has found a good balance between being patient and kind and pushing him to do more than he would on his own.  Instead of just teaching the subject, he teaches the child.  He adapts the activities and assignments to the individual. That has helped our son tremendously!  His passion and love for music is inspiring. Additionally, Ammon is very proficient with technology which allows him to utilize many resources that appeal to the younger generation."

– Julie & Tyler T. 

“My family has had the privilege of having Ammon as our children’s piano teacher for many years.  Ammon truly is a gifted and hard-working piano teacher and performer.  Not only can he perform exceptionally well, but he also is able to transfer his knowledge to his students. He is patient and motivates his students, and gives effective feedback so they can improve each week.  My children enjoy music and seek to improve because of Ammon's pleasant demeanor and his encouraging teaching style. I highly recommend Ammon Perry Bratt as an exceptional piano educator.”

– Kayleen N.


"Ammon Perry Bratt enjoys a stellar reputation as a brilliant pianist of impeccable musicianship and remarkable sense of style as well as a highly skilled teacher within both the classroom and private studio. His professional standards of refined musicality and proficient keyboard facility coupled with his gift for communicating these abilities to others makes Ammon the ideal choice of teachers! Additionally, his keen pianistic knowledge and exceptional performance abilities are demonstrated effectively and consistently through his brilliant imagination and creativity as a teacher."

– Dr. David Glen Hatch

A Personal Note

Learning any art form, especially music, is among the most rewarding experiences available.  Not only is one learning a fun skill, but is also opening a world of adventure, enlightenment, and never-ending innovation.  As a professional in this field who has been blessed with a rich musical life, my goal is to help others experience how significant it is to have music part of their daily lives.  As they become musicians themselves, they learn to speak without language…and without limitations.  Their life’s fabric is more colorful as it is threaded into this art form that helps us all see what it means to be alive!

With award winning students.jpg

By receiving an in-depth training in piano, my students develop a talent that they will use for a lifetime. Whether for the uses of personal enjoyment or entering a career in music, they foster a gift that will never fail them as they age.  In addition to being able to play music for the rest of their lives, the connections to living a meaningful life abound in this education. As they practice, they learn the results of a strong work ethic. As they perform, they learn the value of giving. And as they listen, they learn the importance of understanding.

In essence, developing an education and love for music comes with profound gifts—more life, more joy, more meaning.

Best wishes,

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